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Best Text Editor for Mac to use in 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned developer, or even a newcomer hoping to code your very first item of software, a fantastic text editor is one of the most crucial things you are going to want on your Mac. That is most likely why there are a Great Deal of free text editors, in Addition to excellent paid text editors out there, and to spare you in time consuming (and often confusing) task of choosing the right text editor for the own use, we’ve picked the 10 top text editors for Mac that are actually worthy of your attention:

Best Text Editors for macOS

Notice : In this report, we are focusing on the ideal text editors for coding but if you are interested in finding a text editor for your writing purposes, you can check out our post on the best writing programs for Mac.

1. Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text is probably among the most well-known text editors available for Mac also for all the appropriate reasons. The software brings a slew of features including syntax highlighting and folding, a high degree of customizability, simple to navigate interface, multiple selections, strong API and package ecosystem, and much more. One of the best characteristics of Sublime Text 3 is the”Goto Anything” characteristic. Since it names implies, the feature allows you to immediately jump to logos, lines, or phrases that you are looking for, and can be activated by simply hitting keyboard shortcut ⌘P.

Blend this with attributes like carve editing, Goto Definition, Command Palette, batch editing, and instant project switch and you’ve got one of the best and most powerful text editors on the market. Possibly the only downside of Sublime Text 3 is its own cost. Just like any well developed Mac applications, Sublime Text boasts of a premium cost. That said, since a text editor is going to be the basis for your future job, investing up front in a great text editor isn’t a terrible thing. If money is no concern for you, definitely check this out.


Easy to use
Customization options
Capability to assign custom keyboard shortcuts
Quick and smooth
Cross platform

Some plugins affect performance
Download: (Free Trial, $80)

2. Atom

If you’d like a text editor which is as effective as Sublime Text but does not cost a penny, then Atom is for you. Developed by the exact minds which are behind the popular SVC service GitHub, Atom is a open-source program which is both modern and approachable and yet hackable for its heart. Atom is built on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js integration and it functions on Electron. Although the program is already feature rich, in case you would like more features, it is possible to install some of its thousands of open packs packages to add new attributes and functionality.

Atom is also highly customizable. If you would like, you can change nearly everything on it. It is possible to set up various themes to modify its appearance and feel, you can tweak the UI using CSS, and also add major features which match your workflow using HTML and JavaScript. Atom enables you to make a working environment that complements your workflow and that’s its biggest strength. Also, it is totally free to download and use without any restrictions.


Open-source and free
Nice UI
Customization options
Lots of packages available

A lot of packages can slow down it
Can be quite a resource hog
Download: (Free)

3. Brackets

Another popular text editor for Mac is Brackets which mainly concentrates on web design. Brackets is a better option for front-end developers and web designers than the ones mentioned above. While this text editor has been made by Adobe, that is famous because of the own subscription pricing model, Brackets is a completely free text editor. Adobe has grown Brackets within an open-source project which is supported by its own active and enthusiastic community. Among the best characteristics of Brackets is the”Live Preview” feature which enables users to see any changes that they make into the CSS and HTML of this code revealed live in a Chrome window. This feature makes it possible for developers to keep an eye on their code also stops them from getting any drastic mistakes.

Since Brackets is an Adobe product, it works really well with other Adobe products. By way of instance, there’s a feature referred to as”Extract” which lets users automatically extract color, font, gradient, and measurement data from a photoshop document file. Brackets is already a feature text editor, however, if you want to add more attributes, it is possible to do so using Brackets’ extensions that are absolutely free to download and then install. A few of the very Well-known Brackets’ extensions are Beautify, Autoprefixer, Emmet, Minifier, Bracket Gits, and also Brackets File Icons. If you’re into web development, you should try Brackets.

If you want any guide on how to install text editor for mac or if you have any other problem related to it then you will find them on Slash Minute in deatiled. Just use the search box and hit enter.


Open-source along with free
Different free extensions
Cross platform

Aimed mostly at top-end programmers
Lacks a Couple of useful text editor commands
Download: (Free)

4. BBEdit 12

BBEdit is created by Bare Bones software and is probably among the oldest and most reliable text editors you can locate on Mac. Not only BBEdit is utilized by thousands of programmers on the market but it’s also employed by many writers since the software provides features for editing, searching, and manipulation of prose, origin code, and textual data. Some of the greatest features of BBEdit include built-in applications such as text manipulations, Hard Wrap, customizable syntax coloring support for more than two dozen built-in formats, placeholder selections for easier site maintenance, multiple documents manipulations, full collection of HTML Tools for quick, simple, and correct markup, comprehensive file management capabilities, and much more.

One of the things that’s important when deciding on a software such as a text editor would be its own durability. You don’t want a text editor that will not receive any updates, or even worse, get murdered few years down the line. Together with BBEdit, you can be sure that it will never happen. The application has been available since 1992 which is more than the existence of macOS as we all know today. BBEdit’s presence of more than 26 years is an enough proof that the developers aren’t going to let that die. If you’d like a powerful text editor for internet development that will be present for you to get the next ten years, certainly give this a go.


Stable and dependable
Packs in almost all the features you can think of
Great performance
Various built-in tools and languages
Easy to use

Somewhat pricey
Download: (Free Trial, $49.99)

5. UltraEdit

UltraEdit is among the very best and most versatile text editors for Mac out there. For starters, UltraEdit supports a great deal of different languages including C, Objective C, Javascript, XML, PHP, Perl, Python, and more. The same as BBEdit, UltraEdit has existed since ages and is now celebrating its 25 year old anniversary this year. So reliability isn’t a concern . The software brings a great deal of features including and not restricted to themes assistance, support for large files (>4GB), syntax highlighting for several languages, multi-caret editing, multi-selection capacities, an extremely robust search, integrated FTP, service for 4K and Apple Retina screen, and more.

UltraEdit is a really effective text editor, but if you need more features, you can purchase it together with other Ultra goods like UltraCompare, UltraEdit Suite, UltraFinder, and IDM All Access, all which bring additional features. Last, do notice that UltraEdit isn’t cheap and is among the lightest text editors on the market. But, there is a 30-day complimentary trial which you may use to have a sense of the software prior to turning up the money.


Supports many languages
Handles big files quite well
Reputable and frequently upgraded
Fast and easy to use

Some attributes available to buy separately

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